reflects me

what will happen when the light reflects me
what do you think of when your mind empties
what do you hear when you listen to me
what do you see when you look right through me

is it what i expect
is it what i project
or is it what you’ve decided
that i am to you

close your eyes
let the new year ring
open your mind and
i can be your everything

grasping for the ledge
to save me
catch a glimpse of
that which reflects me

from the eyes of a lion

npr plays, morning edition. the soothing voice calmly relays the latest news highlights. he wanders along the path – as his focus teeters from news updates to fantasy. what could i do with a $100 million…wow southern america is fucked.

the sky is gray. just like yesterday. pretty much every day this time of year. if you need a steady predictable life – you’ll definitely want to come here. i mean no disrespect. that is, from some points of view the above statement is the upmost compliment. there are those who need a constant force diving their destiny, he agrees.

on the edge of the horizon. a thin rail of light bursting through the clouds catches his eye. it’s not the sun or light reflecting off the high rises in the distance. it’s too high to be a plane or drone from the base. a meteor? he chuckles beneath his breath and scans the north side of the bay.

dream for days, asleep for hours.

watch time unfold, he thinks as his fingers carve ribbons of color through the air. each step is thorazine heavy yet featherweight. this contradiction.

his teeth hurt and pull loose from his mouth. in replicating ever replacing rows like a great white shark.

i can talk the talk, oh i reinvented the walk. he can feel these words course through him, taste them in the air and slowly unravels the meaning of life. i speak the truth from the tip of my forked tongue. i have been chosen because i see from the eyes of a lion.

the outs

i’m drifting off
listening to sunbather
so loud my
my ears bleed
can you hear me
i need what you need
need what you need

in the chaos
find your symphony
orchestrated disaster
for an epiphany
locked in a cage
claiming to be free
to be
what it means
the epitome.

everything looks brighter
or does it now?
from the inside
they got it wrong?
behind the wire
don’t count the days
just soldier on

builds a bed frame
all the angles
hardened steel
all the coldness
man can feel
heaves upon
an inland sea
afloat the dregs
of society